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I’ve a small height. 4.11" ig. And I’m very thin too. So I look very small compared to 22 yrs old. But I try to stay strong. I drive car. And trust me I drive it very nicely.
Yet people comment mean things. Unknowns literally speak loudly that look at her she is so small yet she drives a car, look her and everything.
My friends made fun of me too. And all this hurts me alot and it is breaking my spirit. I’m so angry rn that I just want to shout at my friends that fucking stop bullying.
How can people be so mean. Why are humans so mean. I cannot change myself how I look. I don’t want to quit basic things like driving a car. What should I do? How should I deal with everything?


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Hey the world is like that.
However we are, they comment us.just ignore them.
And say them directly that you are feeling inconvenient




Girl, when you have confidence in you, noboby can look down on you, trust me, I have short height too. Just show confidence and ignore such low mentality people


Does it even matter ?? Dude everyone in their life time have made fun of someone maybe intentionally or not ig u shouldn’t take it Like u have a perfect body but being honest sometimes everything matters may it be height weight or anything u just Need to learn how to carry it that makes u feel good make everything look like q compliment to u don’t feel bad for what ur friends say or what they think of u uk what u are ✌🏻✨ so be positive


Hey beautiful 😊

First of all i would like to congratulate you for treating yourself like a queen and doing all things that average height people do.
You are truly inspiring. You are strong to face this and let world know that you are not less than anyone.

I have been facing skinny shaming since childhood now. I Am 27 and have very strong opinion on this.

You told that you get angry and sometimes willing to shout on ur friends etc…so it once in a while. It’s ok to let people know that this behaviour is not ok and not tolerable.

There is no such thing as a perfect body. The concept of perfection is in itself a flawed concept.

Real beauty comes from within. The most beautiful people in the world are those who have a good heart.

It’s now time for body-positive initiatives. One’s identity should never be swayed by social conventions. One’s self-esteem should never be dependent on appearance.

Appearances aren’t everything.

Lets do a quick mental recall of how many times you’ve heard the statement, “She’s a lovely, educated girl but skinny/fat/dark/short/tall …etc"

This cycle of body-shaming comes from near & dear ones and it tend to leave behind deeper scars as the comments are made by people we love. At the end of the day, the most common course of action for parents is to ‘fix’ the so called problem.

Please… its high time to understand that it’s ok to be different. Stop judging people on the basis of their bodies.

No matter what is the reasoning behind this behavior, bullying is still bullying. And we should treat it as such.

Sending you virtual hugs 🤗❤️