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It’s so much easier to advice other people, but when it comes to trying to help myself and my problems it’s all blank.

Post anonymously?

It is said, “It is easier said than done”. You are that person?
When we are able to connect what they are trying to say and then write something, it becomes easy because you know you would have done this too.
When we want to make them just happy with our words, then we write whatever we want to for them not connecting with ourselves.

I hope people start writing the first thing rather than the second one. 😊


I agree with you definitely. Thank you.



So true, outside looking in is always easier than the opposite,


Yep. Thank you.


I suffer from the same thing trust me, the only difference is that I am not blank but I just feel that i wont be able to implement it you know. BUT i guess it happens because either we feel we are not good enough . maybe. However I think try believeing in yourself a little more, that might help.