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It’s not “equal rights” that you should demand for because that already exists. It’s more about “equal TERMS”. Plus there is no wage gap. Both Men and Women earn equally under the law.

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I think equal rights are also important.


Tell me some rights which men have that women don’t.


Yes, treat everyone equal. Don’t have separate wage system on basis of gender. Everyone is equal in eyes of law.


We literally don’t need reservations and special treatment .the only things that everyhuman being needed is respect .In this society there is many people who thinks that women have to be in her limit, I asked him whyyy???
We have to change our mindset about women and women also chnege their mentality that she is weak because we are not weak we are the ones ,who gived birth to a child noone can’t handle that pain. we also handle the pain of every months period without saying the word .we are the strongest of alll we will deal with any situation that comes on our path.thats it much to say but it’s okk.