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Its getting very difficult for me to digest the reality. Now it feels like no one is there for me whenever I need help. It’s like from so many years I was like you have close ones, who cares about…, who loves you…, or who will always count you… But it’s not like that, the way last few month showed me it seems like I have been fooling myself. I thought that’s love but it’s like, you are granted one who ll understand all shit, which I was but when it comes to others they have been loved no matter what they Do or did… I really don’t know how to express this I’m totally numb with this whatever. Its like you don’t have a single person left with whom you can share. I really don’t know what to do…!


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It’s all right many one of us face such situation.
Just keep calm nd take a deep breathe.
Nd from now onwards keep in ur mind that only u can love urself truly.
Every words or promises that r spoken or given to u that they will always love u r not always true.
So why to wait for anyone else start loving urself first.
This life is very precious nd it comes with package of happiness nd pain.
Enjoy it nd love urself.
People may come just like days month nd years.
So don’t worry about them a lot.
Just be happy


I always do this…and I’ll do the same in future… But I’m little bit emotional shit who gave up on trusting other long ago but I can’t stay quiet when they need me. If I do so, then I feel guilty. Anyways Thanks.


I can totally relate this to myself, dear. I don’t know who you are, but I’m sure you are a strong person. You can always express your feelings here. There will be a lot of people on this website who will always be there for you here, reading your comment, as your virtual friends <3

Life is quite unfair and harsh sometimes. But remember God doesn’t burden a person beyond it can bear. Stay strong, dear friend. There will be a way for every problem. You can do this :)


I do believe in god that’s why I’m still hoping…