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It’s been the months since my dad passed away. Everyone I met keeps telling me how amazing and great he was and that he helped so many people. The truth is, once he came back home and was away from the world out there he was a monster. The only memories I have are of him always swearing me and shouting. From the moment I was born until the las time I spoke to him just before he died. He was a horrible man and I have to pretend to everyone that he was some angel. He’s dead, I’m happy that he’s dead, my brother is happy that he’s dead, I now live a much more peaceful and happier life.

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That’s completely okay. You don’t have to tell strangers/other people about anything. You just nod at them. Keep all things in your mind. They don’t have to know. Now that he’s dead he has become a memory you can’t do anything about it

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