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It’s been a month after my divorce… I still not able to get over that fact I’m divorced… I feel low and weep sometimes… I want to move on… but I’m not able to ! I’m stuck!!


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divorce is never been easy!
but you get just one life, which is almost half gone. Do you want to cry and be sad in other half or want to make best out of it, its you call.


Maybe I just need time to get out of it

Hey there! I know it must be very difficult to move on and of course it must be hard because suddenly the person you thought you would be spending the rest of your life has changed and is not there for you anymore. But remember that, you made the right decision, you chose yourself first which i feel is incredible as many people don’t know what they deserve. Maybe you can start with a hobby? An old hobby which you had to leave because you got married? Try doing something that you always wanted to do. Explore yourself, travel around a bit or read a book at a place you feel at peace. Adopt a pet. Have a friends sleepover or maybe even a casual date! Now it’s time to focus on your self care. Past is past, leave it there. Life is too short to be wasting time on thinking about people who didn’t make you their priority. As many say YOLO.
Hope this helped!!!
You got this! I am so proud of you for holding up all this time!!


Thanks!! 😊
Yes I’m kinda trying to keep myself busy… but it’s just that sometimes you can’t forget the past that easy!