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It’s around 1 months on this platform and I can surely say that it had an immense affect to mental health like in a positive way, the Time before i came here i was kind of shattered ,my feeling were not valued ,my affection were ignored so I found about this and the first day I started to share my feelings and I was just shocked that so many people came forward and advised me,helped me in some way or other I don’t know these people but I love you guys they motivated me and made me feel better and today I can say I’m happy though there are some problems but eventually this platform had already told me how I should manage it… Then I too started to help,I don’t know wheather I have helped anyone but if I have I’m happy guys and I hope to do the same. And at last I would say a very big thank you to the creators , the people here the anonymous one guys you’re the besttttttt❤


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Glad you’re feeling much better and positive after coming here.
Surely, you would have helped someone in the tiniest way possible.

Thank you for trusting in us and hope you have a good time here always. 💜🌸