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It’s always a heartbreak when someone is very close to you and you see them falling apart. So basically we were very close friends she always supported me and so did I. We often text each other mostly everyday. We had a great bonding. Time flies and soon she was introduced to a boy by someone who had a crush on her, she did tell me about him and said she’s not into relationships. But gradually they started to talk everyday and she was giving me less time. I ignored it and always made an attempt to talk to her but everytime we text she always talks about the other guy.soon the Texts from her stopped and i feel I’ve been replaced by the other guy. This feeling hits me harder everytime I think about her.

Post anonymously?

Aha…i feel sorry for how you feel…ik its gonna hurt…but instead of being hurt and getting your mood fucked up everytime you think about her…why dont you feel happy and appreciate the memories you created with her…people are going to come and go…but every time you just cant let yourself down na!!!❤ i hope you start feeling better soon❤


Brother i agree with you totally.
I have been into same situation for many years. This feeling ignored is full of shitty thoughts don’t make it overwhelmed over your feelings. Bro i m with you in this if need to talk. I m here