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It has been a few months since I had a break up with this dude. I don’t miss him but I feel empty
The relationship wasn’t serious or long, it was just 6-8 weeks


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Been there. It was only for 10-12 weeks. I too didn’t miss her. But I missed the idea that she was there. And now as she is gone, I feel lonelier than ever. I wish for her to come back but I can’t go through the shit all over again.
It’s strange how you never want to be alone but you always are. Even in the midst of people


Breakups are difficult i had one too , but nothing is more important then you , your happiness, your peace of mind is always be your first priority. I know its hard to loose anyone whom you got attached . But pain won’t last long it will fade away soon . You need to be strong and positive. Only one person can heal you is you .