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Long Distance RelationshipThought


It has been 5yrs of my relationship…everything is going fine…he take care of me a lot,he always make sure that i’m having my meal on time or not…whenevr i text him he replies in within a sec…or whnevr i call him he receives it even though he is busy…he take’s out time frm his work to talk to me…he nevr shouted on me,he nvr argue wrh me nor he fight’s wth me…even though he nvr had blocked me aftr our fight…i’m d only one who fight’s wth him a lot but he just listen nd just make me calm ol d time…i have told him several time to brkup wth me but he say’s he will not leave me in any condition…he tolerate my silly things also…but i’m too confused now…he say that he want to sleep early just bcoz he wake’s up early in d mornig at 5am…but before going to bed he make’s sure to call me nd talk to mee…but i overthink that he is having an affair so he sleeps early …wht should i do i’m too confused…he loves me or not ?

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Ofcourse he loves you. Your head is giving you toxic thoughts but push them back. His actions speak very loud. He loves you more than anything. You don’t need to doubt him at all.


Hey just be calm he loves you don’t let him go try out more from your end like by giving him surprises or talk to him ask him about his family how he is feeling nowadays in dis corona situation just be a part of his life or interact with his family too if possible he would really like it .


Give that space :) When a guy gets his space and respect in a relationship, he ends up doing wonders for his girl.
Don’t be insecure.

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