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Is therapy a good option? Like when you should start .? Can anyone please tell me when and how should I approach this topic and what do I talk about like do I need to keep analysing myself to say something in session?


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hope you and your family are doing well!
i think therapy is definitely a good option.
even if you are not going through difficult times you should still consider getting therapy, because you might be going through somethings but you mustn’t have noticed it. just like how you consider getting a routine checkup done, in a similar way you should consider therapy… and NO! you don’t need a reason to begin with therapy!
before booking your first session just get a small idea of what to expect from your first session of therapy and how to find the right therapist. do your research on this.
not necessary that your first therapist will be the right therapist for you, there are chances that a certain therapist might not suit you, and that you’ll have to look for another therapist, which is absolutely fine! you know how sometimes you go to a doctor but somehow don’t end up liking the doctor? it’s just like that!

in therapy, people generally talk about our lives, about how things are going, if there is anything that Is bothering you be it something related to emotions or work or life or money, anything!
the therapist will help you to deal with all this better, they might not give you the solutions or advice but they’ll make the process of dealing with your problems easier.

hope this helps you!
lots of love, light, and strength to you!❤️✨


Thanks alott . I really needed this❤️❤️