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Is it weird to not desire a relationship. And it’s of no fault to the people I’ve dated. I just seem to harbor absolutely no desire for them what-so-ever. Not romantically anyways…
Does anybody have any tips on what could be going on?
Is it me, or is it them?
It’s me, ha ha


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Wait a sec! What is the real problem anyway? I mean r u doesn’t know how to expressing love or the problem is u don’t have desire to your partner? I mean I’m confused. I think if the problem u don’t know how to expressing a feeling, the first things if that was “me” I will try some methods I mean change a bit for your own good reason. But it take a lot process to being somebody the way we want to be and to be honest Im also take a lot of journey ofcoz. Somehow if my journey I met a lots of people also we act a lot to different situations its normal btw. Then, if your prob is u don’t desire your partners there maybe have some issues. Maybe u’re not suit with their vibes, or maybe u just be with them just for fun not for long term relationship. The best way is u need to ask yourself “what do you really want into that relationship”? Which is by that maybe help in your relationship. I hope its helping😊

It was more the second. And, yes, that helped. Thank you a lot

I am just not interested in any partner that I get at all it seems. It could be their vibes, or that I’m not ready to commit. Maybe.


HAHA your reply just cute then sleep more a bit wokiee pal❤

I mean-- cuddles do be nice. But I don’t want nothin’ more, lmao.


Don’t worry palwe will still get a long damn journey in our life. When the time comes we will find what we want before that we will still need to catch up more dramas in this world


I’m not gonna be the one to interfere this lmao lol joke😝


I sense a fear of commitment. But then why have u ever committed to a relationship in the first place? Get into fwb, and be done with it right?

Tbh I totally understand your problem coz I myself have commitment issues and have broken up in 6-7 months from every relationships I ever had coz I just didnt feel it anymore. So I’ve decided not to get into relationships anymore but still I guess I crave for that intimacy of a partner but I’m better off without it if it means I have get into a freaking relationshit for the sake of it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Oh, my God, someone gets it.


U are 17… keep exploring… u cant having feelings and shit right off the bat


I don’t want a relationship too, atleast rn. And there ia nothing wrong in that🤷🏻‍♀️.

What could be going on… maybe you understand that you have better stuff to do than being in a relationship rn?!

No, it’s more like… I’ve never actually experienced the emotional stuff that leads to a relationship.


How old are you honey?

17. Still young. But I should be at my emotional relationship peak.


Ah, you will get experiences, trust me😂, I got cheated by a bastard when I was 17… cheater bf😑😑😑

Cheaters suck man