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Is it ok to compromise in a relationship? I’m not very happy right now. But it’s mostly due to my overthinking. Initially things seemed perfect. From start till now it’s LDR. And my boyfriend is more or less the same person. But i constantly feel like fighting with him and staying away from him. It’s been like this for a few months now. Don’t know what to do.


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I know things are got hard between you guys but sometimes not giving up on someone is best choice you have . I had gone through i know how it feels when partners seems to be no more the person we loved but . But sometimes holding on can change everything. I gave up and I regret i don’t want you to make same mistake


Maybe you have trust issues or maybe you never loved him


IT IS NOT AT ALL OKEY TO COMPROMISE IN RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR PARTNER. this will lead to and another compromise and then another it is better to break it than make it.
Please respect yourself and tell your partner also to understand your thoughts n concern it is important to have a open communication about what you are feeling right and wrong.

Please take care of yourself. Please.

First try to figure out if all the bad feeling is related your overthinking and if some points are genuine about which you were feeling bad try to communicate it with your partner if he don’t try to understand you then you have to look beyond this, I am also an overthink a lot but all we need is someone to understand us nd if your partner is not trying then I don’t think there is no use of you comprising


The long distance is getting to u , long distance is not for everyone, it’s only for those who already have a strong trust and bonding .