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Is it normal if your Musa(uncle) who u are meeting after years keep their hand on your thigh and u are 18

I think it’s not normal and I should take a step

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it’s definitely not normal pls reach out to someone u trust this is sexual harrasment since he’s touching u wo ur permission

m s @mhs

It’s not normal at all. Please take action. Kick him in the balls so he know the basic consequences and then report it to the authorities. If you don’t want to involve the police, let your parents know. If they aren’t supportive post it on a family group. People like this should feel the shame.


Next time he does this tell him right in that moment that you’re not comfortable with the touch(even if your entire family is sitting there) If he still continues you know he’s a jerk and then surely do something about it.
We need to give him a benefit of doubt that maybe his intentions aren’t to make you uncomfortable. So do this and you will know for sure.

Cindy @cyndi

Your body is precious to you. If you feel uncomfortable about something please move away. It doesn’t have to be normal to anyone, as long as you don’t feel okay that’s fine

B T @bt1510

It’s not normal, even if his intentions are not bad and it makes you uncomfortable, know your views and reaction immediately to your parents or adults of your family. If you are silent about this this might give a wrong message too.

Take care


It’s definately not…but if done I intentionally…I mean some people do have habit of being touchy
Stay away
And tell a family member if you can
Or if he does that again

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