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Is it healthy if one person is your best friend and after that you both fell in love with each other and suddenly after 2 months. She need some time and she wants to stay alone.
We had i fight after getting into realtion where i said many thing and also she did the same.
now the thing is from last few she has changed a lot and i can see that and we had a converstion were she was like i need some time iwant to be alone for something not only you but i have already distant people. After all this things lot of my friends suggested mi that you should stop this right now and get over this she does not care about you. And im very depressed and feeling lonely and uneasy sometimes

And after being in realtionship from 2 month we were in very rush i guess everything happend so fast and forget your personal space
Can some help me what should i do
Because i miss her so much
I should leave or i should stay


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β€œShould I leave or should I wait…”, you should wait.

You have had a decent bond with her, don’t just ruin it, respect it. Wait for some, give the space that she wants, meanwhile you also figure out what and how things went wrong. Listen to her completely, get to know her side.
It should not matter whether you guys decide to stay in the relationship or not, but you should be a good friend of her as you were, friendship matters a lot.


Hi there!
As I always, I have one advice.
Think of youself in a year. You are looking back in time, and what do you feel? Would you regret leaving her? Or would you regret staying?
I also advice looking at all the outcomes.
Sometimes you can be stuck in between two choices, and it is completely okay. You just need to look at how you would feel and what you would think if you stayed/left.
I hope this helps, and wish the best of luck with your relationship


you both should give time and space to each other. Sometimes in a relationship we forget about others’ personal space which can lead to many problems. I think it’s worth waiting for.