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Is anyone on weight loss journey
Or have done or gonna do
If anyone pls support each other out


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Hey hi
I didnt hire a professional dietitian
But i lost 14kgs
With very less amount of exercise
And by changing my diet schedule

What all changes you made
And most importantly how u managed to stay on that
In how many months u lost 14 kgs


Okay so i am a foodie person and lazy too tbh

Actually the thing worked for me was my surrounding
Actually i was very fat in my school time like 85kgs
And it never bother me tbh cuz all my frnds were like that only

It was a very bad habit of mine that i used to skip my breakfast
And use to have lunch very late like 4 pm
After getting into college
I decided to change my eating habit
First of all
Mai uthti jaldi thi
Or breakfast ke bina nayi jaati thi
Lunch heavy karti thi
And dinner 7 baje se pehle karti thi
Or agar baad me bhook lage to
Aise fruits khati thi jinki water content zyada hota hai
Or haan week me shayad 3 ya 4 baar exercise karti thi

And it worked for me
Ps. Sabki body different hoti hai or har kisi par same trick kaam nayi karti
That worked for me
Dont know about you
I hope this will help :)

Currently because of this lockdown thing I do same waking up at 11 eating at 2 dinner at 12 sleeping at 3/4
But chalo ye sun ke thoda motivation aaya
I will try to wake up early
And sorry for replying late I haven’t got notification of this


No problem
My experience helped to motivate you…
All the best :)


Hey… I have been obese since I was a kid and have always tried to lose weight with exercising, yoga, diets, etc… 😅😅😅
One thing I learned from all this is that I will be only be able to lose weight when I am serious about it and committed to my weight loss journey… Still have a long way to go but now I am not scared of the hard work to be done🙂🙂
So all the best to everyone who is trying to loose weight👍👍👍👍
Ping me if you feel that u are alone

I’m in same situation
I get committed for weight loss but for short period like for 15/20 days
And after few days I loose motivation And all get waste what I have done so far
This is my continuous cycle


Yes this is what I have always done… But I always get back up again and try to lose weight.
Weight loss is a journey which we cannot complete in one day… Some days we do good some days we don’t but as long as we keep trying we are moving forward.
Take a break after 15/20 days and then start again. When I used to give up after some days my dad always said " it’s ok try again. Don’t set unrealistic goals just try that ur weight doesn’t increase and keep at it slowly it will reduce."
Keep going sweety☺☺

It fell nice reading your message
Thank you