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In the dawn of day, the alarm’s harsh chime,
Echoes through dreams, suspends the time.
Coffee brews in a weary haze,
Fuel for the start of a busy maze.

Bills and taxes, a ceaseless parade, Responsibilities that never fade. Balancing budgets, making ends meet, Marching to the grind, repeat, repeat.

Grocery lists and laundry loads, Maintenance of life’s heavy codes. Friendships drift, connections strain, Underneath the weight of mundane.

Moments of doubt, shadows of fear, The future unclear, yet always near. Chasing dreams, yet anchored tight, Navigating the day and night.

But in the chaos, there lies a grace, In learning and growth, we find our place. For through the struggle, strength is born, In every dusk, we greet the morn.

So here’s to the journey, the trials we face, Finding our way in life’s vast space. With every step, we carve our art, Embracing adulthood with a tender heart.

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