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in my life all the decisions were taken by mom dad ,after 12th they choose a field which i never wanted to do but i never had guts to tell them that what i want to do ,so i just accepted what they gave me after a year i failed in a subject by 2 marks and i got drop ,that time i told them that i dont wanna be in this field but they said that we have told the relatives that your in this field and after a year i began to study in tha same field but again after a year i failed that time i tried to kill myself and went in depression but still my mom dad said they have told the society that i am in this field ,its not that i havent tried ,i tried alot but still i failed by 2 marks or by 4 marks.i just feel hopeless. i never wanted to be looser ,i always wanted to achieve good in my life but now i think my life is messed up. now i am just having a sucidel thoughts.πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

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hello dear? hopw you doing good? first thing get you family gathered and talk to them and told them what you wanna be or which subjects you like because what society and relatives things doesn’t matter what you want and by that what your parents achieve the pride of their own son that their son is doing excellent because he wanted to be in this thing. Just do what you want convince your parents that you don’t like the field which they ask you to go convince them and go in whatever you’re intrested in hope you understand and always keeo smiling and be happy always. have a great life ahead!πŸ˜‡