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Akash @akassh

Immature hu
Ajj tak sunta aaya hu
Un logo se jinho ne meri hasi ko hasti se kae jada upar rakha
Kyoki mai khul ke has leta hu na
Logo ko unke hisaab se kae jada izzat de
deta hu na
Khuli aakho se bekhoff ho kar sapne dekh
lete hu na
Un tute risto me kahi na kahi dosti dodh leta hu
Bato hi Bato me aauro se kuch jada hi bharosa kar leta hu
Gusse me galiyo ki jagha muskura ke ro
leta hu
Aavaj me davab nhi hai
Najro me katil aada nhi hai
Sach batau to attitude ki sakt kami hai
Dil masumm hai Or Dimag un logo se bahut jada samajdaar hai
Aasar me Immature ka tag dene valo ko to Fomo hai…

Such batau to unko bekoof ho kar hamare jese zindagi Jine ka sa anubav nhi hai

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Deep πŸ’―


Ok so chikka ko credit milega ya nhiπŸ˜…

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