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I’m trying to overcome my past life experiences and unrequited love.
We are classmates so can someone suggest me how to control my feelings and avoid him when he is near and in the classroom.
I know this would be a foolish qstn but I will forget him as long as I dont see him but once I see him my heart ache will begin. And most important thing is that he should know that I’m moving on and not thinking about him. Because he thinks that I love him and shows pity on me not by words. Even though he is cold enough to reject me but he is not that kind of person who don’t understand others pain. So I just want to move on without hurting him in anyways and indirectly telling him now I’m fine don’t bother about me.

Post anonymously?

Hey. Firstly you’re very strong to be doing this. Secondly, it’s very normal to go weak once you see him.
Now that you have to see him, you have to be strong mentally and you got thisss. Tell yourself how it’s not possible, make yourself accept that. And you’ll be just fine!


Thank you for your advice 💜

Hey, it’s really human to feel that way and heartbreaks are tough. All I could say, that, as you cherish relationships with others and hold it so important, don’t forget the most important relationship that you share with your own self. Nothing comes before you.
The only way you can do that is by focusing on yourself, and work on yourself, do what makes you happy. And by doing that, I am sure love will find you as you deserve it 🌻🌈


Thank you for your advice💜

Hi. Thank you for sharing.
I hear you. I understand you.

I wish you find someone who loves you with all their heart.
You deserve that.

Please focus on yourself, love yourself, believe in yourself.
Stay strong and Focused on you.

You can do this. You can do this for you.

You’re strong.
You’re powerful.
You’re precious.
You’re resilient.

I believe in you.

Loads of love and huggs✨

I’m here for you.