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I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m whining. I just feel so stressed out. Today I received my 11th email rejection for work. Since I got laid off last month, I have applied for 45 job vacancies and interviewed 12 times. All of this process is getting me so tired. All of these rejections make me lose my confidence. I feel not enough; I feel stupid. It’s so hard to stay positive every day. I’m crying in silence.

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Bro take an example of spider bro its common fall and raise hope for best package ♥


Would you like share something more about you? Like your qualifications and work experience…

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anuj @anujvohra

Pls share more details about work? And how are you applying? Via LinkedIn?

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Lucky Star @lucky_star

It’s alright. It’s normal to feel that way. It can be difficult when you always encounter failures. You can try to take a step back, rest and examine the bigger picture again. Who are you doing this for? To support your family? For your dreams? Find a purpose. I don’t know but it helps me to keep going at times when I feel like giving up.

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