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I’m so sick of this attitude. My mother is never happy with whatever I do. I have helped her in making so many presentations, while my sister simply refused by saying stuff like “I don’t know anything about technology” and the entire burden falls on me! I’m trying my hardest to maintain a balance between interpersonal relationships and my work, but somehow life doesn’t like it when I have it easy. My parents are so busy these days that I feel that there is no one to look over me and my studies and it’s a very crucial year for me. Alright fine, I’m independent, but that doesn’t mean I shall be left alone to handle everything, at once, all together. And my mum and dad are never satisfied with whatever I do. When I received a award, then went on to tell all the relatives that I won something else, in some better category. I mean, why? Why can’t you be happy with anything I do? Why can’t you guide me, help me, and express a bit of love?
I’m tired and exhausted😭😢


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Just remember that you are not alone ( we are here to help you I’m here to help you ) and try to talk to your parents about it but in a calm and rational manner…I hope they’ll understand

And relatives they are always there to criticise you no matter what so just don’t care about what they say

( please feel free to talk here )

And lastly congratulations on your award… Cheers!!