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I’m so sad and upset.
My wife always shout at my kids while they dont learn things properly.
After seeing that, I feel so upset and I know I’m more attached to them.

Not sure, how to get this under control.


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Sit with her and try talking it out calmly. Show her alternatives to shouting and negative implications of it.


She replies, no one grow without shout/slap from parents. Whenever they(kids) do not listen/do their home work, She turns crazy. She always tells me they behave like this whenever I’m at home.


It’s normal. She reacts because of work or maybe some other problem you jus help her with work and try to make her happy after all she is also a mother.


She brings all problems that happened in 10 yrs back and bring those while shouting at kids. I understand she can do anything as mother but being a father i feel so stressed by seeing that situation and without reacting to it.