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I’m sitting at my computer with my finger on the send button, and a text to my friend that says “I’m bisexual”. I’m listening to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (It’s really deep) on repeat and thinking about how bizarre it is, that a twitch of my finger on a piece of plastic will change my life forever, and feeling very poetic, and I wanted to record this moment, but I can’t describe it because no words can capture the depth and extent of what I feel because I feel…infinite. Like I could sit here and just think forever because I have never felt this way, this sense of calm before and I never want this feeling to leave.

Should I send it?

Post anonymously?

Yes, you should. Being out is seriously awesome (fun fact, I’m bi too)! And yeah, I know the feeling (and the song, it’s so beautiful). Take a screenshot; take a breath; and hit send. You can do it :)


Do it!!! (Why do I feel like I’m watching a K-drama rn ; - ;)


best comment 🤣 I do feel this tense. Hope who find out lol




Hey! I know coming out isn’t easy but if people don’t accept who you are then they don’t truly love you. You’re unique.

If you’re afraid that you will be alone, I’m here for you. Feel free to hit me up on insta: eff.jay.ess