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I’m really not okay. In May 2017 and again in May 2018 I was the victim of spousal rape.
This year I’ve dealt with my Dad not talking to me and being mean to me on my birthday. My Mom plead guilty to assault for hitting my sister. My spouse was sexually assaulted at an after party. I tried killing myself and ended up in the hospital. My Mom is apparently trash talking me.

That’s just this year.


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I am sorry that u have to go through this.I hope u get over it and have a nice life.Don’t feel bad for ur dad and ur mom not talking to u sometimes it better to have people not talk to us than people giving us emotional torture.Fight back and get over that life and start something new.I wish u all happiness.


In my opinion . The best way is to raise your voice and take action. Stand up for what is right and what is yours. You should go file a complaint against the assault of your spouse and make sure the resposible people get the punishment they deserve