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I’m numb. My grandfather died today and I feel absolutely nothing. I should be sad but I’m not. I just don’t feel anything. I was close to him. He and my grandmother raised me when I was little because my parents were having issues. They raised me till I had to move with my mom but my grandmother died months before I moved. I was sad when she died and was fully able to let it all out but now I can’t seem to do the same for my grandfather. It’s like I don’t care at all but I do. I just don’t feel anything. When I moved with mom, I distanced myself from the family that raised me because I would miss them and get really sad. Every time I’d hang up the phone, I’d cry because I wasn’t with them. I thought maybe distancing myself from them would make me miss them less and less and it worked. It didn’t hurt anymore every time our calls would end. Am I just detached?


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I’m sorry for your loss…
No maybe you have just accepted this
Don’t overthink much
Just be their with your family more and support them


Hey, im so sorry for your loss.
Everyone has a different way of mourning and each time we experience in itself is also different. Its ok if it doesnt make you sad rn. Considering how close you were, he wouldnt have wanted to see you sad. Its absolutely ok. Give yourself time.

I’m sure he is in the best place. RIP. 🙏

Probably, yes. There are some people in our lives whom we feel just sad for but not necessary that we undergo a process of healing their death and the same is happening with you, I’m making from the post. Not to feel bad about it just in case if you are. 🌈