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im not sure why im writing this
idk who im writing to
but i know i dont feel comfortable talking to anyone anymore
i thought i was okay
ive never been like this
i never struggled to find what to say… i never had to try to care…
i never just didn’t care
lately i see the shadows more and more
its like its creeping up to me
and it scares me
i dont know how to leave the shadows once im there,
i don’t know who I am or where I belong when I’m alone.
the world only makes sense because of other people,
i can’t understand it alone
or i just dont know how to deal with it alone
i want everything and i want nothing, so i have nothing to lose.

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niti agti @aragni

U r not alone in feeling that way.
I also feel the same
Don’t try to understand it, first make urself strong in ur headspace.
It takes a toll on body and mind
Don’t worry. It’s fine .
Breathing and feeling that rhythm helps.


i really struggle to be strong when i dont know what the flow is im even supposed to be going with if you know what i mean

thank you
i needed that, and to know im not alone

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niti agti @aragni

I understand what u mean.
Stay there.
Emotions come and go.
Being there is all that matters.
In the end nothing matters.
U know when u know.


Hey buddy,
It’s ok to feel all this. We are here to help you. You are not alone. Come lets talk. Maybe you will feel better


thank you


i just don’t know what’s next… or what is, or what is my point here.
its no ones burden but mine though as each has their own.
i appreciate you a lot


Its okay. We are here yo seek help n help each other. There are phase when do do t k ow what is happening n what we desire. But just don’t feel good enough…
So it’s ok don’t worry


I feel exactly how you feel. I can understand. I am here if you want someone to talk to.


thank for your reply
what are you doing to help it? if u have anything
i just dont really know what to do besides just doing whatever needs to be done but i find myself being crass, rude, uncaring
idk i just feel in the darl




Talk to someone. Share ur feelings… trust me itll help… ypu can share it with me as well if u are comfortable. Ik its tough to talk to someone but try.

I dint wanna talk to anyone either but I tried. And its working slowly. Its a process. Just need to have patience… ypu are stronger than u think u are.

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