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Im not sure whats going on with me, whether its just hormones or pms or some kind of mental disorder. I already know I have severe anxiety and depression, but Ive been bouncing around moods lately. For about 4 days I was extremely depressed to the point where I was self harming again which i hadnt done in years. Then im perfectly fine. Ima actually pretty happy right now i think. I have to wait two months to speak to my therapist which is soooo annoying it just makes me not want to go at all. Thats one reason why I stopped going because by the time my appointment came I was fine and didnt need to go. My sister keeps telling me that I need to go even though I feel fine. I guess well see if I end up going or not in two weeks.
PS. No one needs to reply to this. If you would like to thats fine. Im mostly writing on here because it feels nice to just type my feelings and have strangers read it lol.

Post anonymously?

thanks for sharing!
here you are always welcomed to express whatever you feel like.
i hope you are doing fine.
all the best and take care mate