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Im not feeling well i feel like my brain is gonna explode …
Like whatever i say doesnt make sense to anyone.
i feel like i dont know how to speak …i feel like i have been creating misunderstandings
everything is mess
i have no confidence and my anxiety is killing me …i just cant explain it to people around me
im feeling im just rushing everything around …i want to take everything step by step but i just cant …
i dont have anyone to understand me …i feel lost…
i really wish i can talk to someone


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Hey cutie 💞💞…pour your heart out here…

Talk to me tell me what can I do for u ?

Ill listen to u go step by step with u they way u want to just talk let it all out


hey thanks for your reply …
so i have anxiety issues no matter what i do
how much i try to build confidence i just cant …
and i feel that i just rush things even if its a normal talk
and in the end i leave a bad impression on people

What exactly do u think makes u feel this way. Let’s say u n me r talking right now
What sort of things u say that make ur impression wrong

U wanna talk over a call u can add me on snapchat u want to type n talk I’m here