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Im lost and am kinda losing interest in everything. Life is really tough and am hopless

Post anonymously?

Hey, sometimes it’s okay to take our own time untill we find our balance. Life does gets confusing sometimes.

Lots of light and strength to you. 🌻



Trust me, I totally get you. It feels like what is in it for me. Why am I doing anything?

I get it. But you know, you are alive. You are in good health(i believe) and you have a life ahead that is unexplored.
I guess it’s time to introspect yourself and look for what is good in you and how you want to spend the rest of your life.

Spend time on the internet, start with some daily routine. See what you like to do and go for it. and even if you don’t, go about exploring stuff.
If you want to start gaining interest in things, you will have to start being energetic.

Try to talk to a friend or anyone you feel comfortable talking to. Vent out those emotions. Try something that will make you happy, spend time on yourself.

You will feel slightly better than what you are feeling right now.

Although all these emotions don’t go away so easily, at least it will be the start of something different in life. Try to carve your path and don’t lose hope, because you are struggling to be worth something.


Hey, what is making you feel that way? What is troubling you? Please feel free to share how you are feeling?