I’m literally in existential crisis :(
Nothing feels good, there’s lot of things going in my head that’s hard to describe, I’m facing a lot of trouble from last 2 years beacuse of my father, he’s make our life hell, I along with my family is facing problems from last 2 years, we’re totally dependent on him so can’t do shit about it… I was a very bright students till class 10 & then these family problems started & apparently I lost my mental stability. I can’t memorize properly, i can’t study properly, nothing feels good, I can’t do anything properly, all the time I’m thinking about my siblings & my mom’s life… My career is ruined I can’t decide what to do now! I’m confused between pursuing Llb or Btech. From class 8 I maked up my mind to become an engineer from reputed college but now my brain sucks, I have lost my ability to study longer & so just before 3 months of the exam I’m deciding to switch my career as I don’t think I could crack nit or iit… I’m tired of all this, I’m too tired of life, I can’t think what to do, there’s a lot of things going inside me. When I see my mom & siblings running out of cash or feeling low I’m feel like i should go do something but I can’t do anything for them at this age… I’m fed up of this hell of life, I just wanna go away, far from here… I’m helpless, hopeless. I can’t trust people, I can’t believe in people anymore. I’m becoming a misanthrope. Things ain’t good, leave being good things aint even stable in my life :(

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Trust me on this, the situation you are in right now was the exact situation i had almost 6 years ago. And today here i am in Btech 4th year from a cllg (not an IIT or NIT). And this is the life i created on my own. Its your life and you crave it.

Just think about LLB and BTECH. whatever your heart feels more happy doing, just do it.
Happpy day ❤


I can’t decide na, I wish to pursue MBA from abroad with scholarship & they only give scholarship to IItian or Nitian & with this mental state I know I can’t crack either of them… I’m so confused & then there will be family problem with me in these coming months too… I’m fucked my, my life, my dream, my family, my mind everything:(


But for MBA you need to have a undergrad degree. And this is not true that they only give schlorship to iit and nit students. They give schlorship to deserving ones irrespective of cllg. And nothing could beat MBA from IIM or ISB along with montly stipends

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