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I’m in middle school and have no friends at my school, I don’t talk to anybody, I have lunch alone in the room that nobody else is in and during class all the other kids are yelling and I just always sit there and teachers have to come up to my desk to just hear me. I just wanna have friends but it’s never as easy as it seems

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Hey there, thank you for sharing with us. It takes a lot of courage to put this out. Sometimes, you may have to push yourself out of your comfort zone to make things happen. If you think the friends around you aren’t your type, maybe you could try talking to a teacher you feel comfortable with? I used to do that at school and it really helped me feel so much better. I am sure there are students who feel like you do in your school, try looking out for them and you never know, perhaps you could be really good friends with them. Sending you the best wishes and I hope you make some really good friends! 💛


I’m 27 now and have friends but when I was your age I felt the same. Take one day at a time. Make small talk with people you get a good vibe from. Trust your gut! Get the courage to talk to one person a day and slowly 2 and then more. Read about conversation starters that’ll help you to talk to people. Just get the courage enough to do this first and you’ll see it’s not that difficult soon. Don’t stress too much on this. Take it slow and easy. Always remember it’s better to have a few good friends rather than many and good friends are forever. My dear years later you’ll remember these are things that are all part of life. We learn and grow like this. We got your back here! Go start that conversation! Go sit with people who you get a good vibe from for lunch!


i was the same but the more you talk to people and get to know them then u might just get a friend and u can be my friend too