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I’m in love and I’m so happy that I’m scared. It doesn’t feel real. Maybe everyone feels like this is just that I thought I knew what love felt like but I guess I didn’t cuz I didn’t know you could even feel this way at all. I’m writing this now bc I just had a conversation trough text with the girl I’m in love with. It made me so happy. She doesn’t even have to like me back. As long as we can talk like this, share moments together and I wish seeing each other every day like we used to its enough. As long as I can be someone who has a space in her heart and someone who she loves even if it’s just as a friend that’s more than enough. Bc of something as simple as a conversation I even want to go to school tomorrow, I know I won’t see her there and I usually hate going to school and complain every night bc I know when I wake up ill have to go, but in times like this I don’t. I feel like I can do anything and I doesn’t only make my day but my entire week. In moments like this I also wonder how it would feel like if she felt the same, if we could be together, would it be even possible to feel happier than I do rn. But again I’m just so glad that I’m alive, and that in a world of such big dimension we met.

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Wow! This just made me believe in love once again. Thank you so much for sharing this.


That is really special. Hold on to that love as long as you can. Happy that you’re happy!!

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