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I’m in a long distance relationship right now… My boyfriend is severely affected by the distance. He says I’m his need. He need me near him. I’m his balance and stuff. He was depressed and feels he will get into it again. Things were smooth for like 2 3 months now. But idk suddenly he is acting all uninterested. Doesn’t want to talk. I called him today . It was just me who was talking he was just like okay yes… and few lines… His mood actually ruins my mood… is it toxic? What should I do?


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Try to work it out… maybe when he is willing to talk again… but if everything fails and the relationship stagnates u might need to end it… bt right now communication is what u need


If it’s for just one time may be he’s in a bad mood but if this continues ask him what’s the matter have a good communication that will help


Well, this happened with me too, and let me tell you the result, he has already moved on
And today he even posted pic with some other girl


It’s not toxic, distance causes such behaviour, we usually want our partner to be with us, long-distance is super tough, it is like both the parties have to struggle/suffer a lot. Patience is tested, so is strength. Look for the things that will give both of you strength and be enough to sustain the importance of having each other in their lives. Rough phase, work hard!