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I’m gonna change my entire life now. It’s too much . How can my dad decide every single thing about my life or my mumma’s life or my brother’s life? When he’s the one who’s having negative thoughts about all of us . If I went somewhere with my girl (friends) or any friends he don’t allow me. He don’t even allow us go to our grandfather’s house. If we’re going in a birthday we have to go for 1 he only … If we have to go for shopping we can’t Bec it’s hott outside , if it’s winter you can’t go Bec it’s cold outside!!! I have seen this through my entire 18 life. It’s not about I’m careless that’s why he care! No. He just have that habit of doubting which very negative for all of us. Bec we are unable to live our life. Idk y mom don’t think about her life. She should be independent. I can’t live like this. And I don’t want my brother to become like him.


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I think you should have a proper conversation with your dad , he may have his reasons right
Listen to him ,then take your desicion.


He don’t talk Abu Al these topics he will shout and abuse. He’ll loose his temper that’s it. Topic ends. For him



But it’s worth a try right

Don’t you have any supporting person like relatives or uncles maybe they can talk to him…

He’s a control freak
And there’s nothing you can do
Expect to try your best to escape that house of horror
Maybe by applying for colleges far away from home or abroad