Shreya @5d5

I’m getting tired of doing this day in day out. I really don’t see any reason for me to live anymore. But i dont even have the courage to end it for myself. I lost my mom and now everything just seems pointless. I couldn’t do anything for her. I’m here in a new city with all strangers around me and I’ve never felt more suffocated. I’m in my room alone all day all night. My anxiety doesn’t let me get out of here. My family back home keep saying go out with your friends. I don’t know how to tell them I’m all alone here. I just want this to end now. I want to not feel like this anymore.

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Srinivas Gupta @srinu_000

Just listen to songs so you will feel good and explore area at Morning times

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Aakash @aakash_itis

Keep calm . You’ll be alright. Please you need to make new friends and you can be fine


Sorry for your loss. To be frank no one can understand someone’s feelings. Only you can find the way to live. Just take a deep sleep and think what can makes you happy just do it and smile, She will be happy.


Sorry for your loss, I hope you change the way you see the world and find something that you can live for, get new friends and strengthen up. Strangers sometimes can surprise you with their kindness.

Areeba Hassan @ashygirl

Hey bud, i can’t imagine the pain you are going through, and can’t even understand, because this is the most heartbreaking thing i heared, i know how hard it is to adjust yourself and cope in this fast world, but darling please take your time to heal… I will pray for you, if u feel. Like u can speak up to. Me…

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khalid @khalid_

Honestly I don’t have anything to tell you as my condition is exact similar to you …i mean uts 4:50 in the morning and I’m just sitting with tears in ny eyes …but i believe this time will pass, stay with me , i believe we both can survive it

Sahil grover @sg61993

Hey i also lost my parents but this doesn’t i end my life, i know its very to start again, go out make ur parents proud, stay strong💪

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Land of Blues @landofblues

It’s hard Shreya. When sadness and new surroundings come together, it’s almost out of way…

It’s like being in pain, and a new city. Pls don’t get lost, hold on. If you need to talk, I am here. But don’t give up🥺😔

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