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I’m first year college student and I met some friends online before we start our offline classes. They were very friendly to me and we decided to stay together. Now, we are staying together in the same appartment and it turned out that they in relationship (we all girls, I forgot to mention this before), one of them is lesbian and one is bi sexual. Yeah, I support LGBT and I strongly support their relationship but I’m not feeling comfortable to stay with them. Almost all the time I feel lonely and left alone by them. I don’t feel comfortable to go up to them and talk by seeing them together. It feels like I’m in interrupting them. Even thought to change but i have no one to stay with so I’m trying to adjust. U can give me ur suggestions.

Thank you so much.

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Mayank @mayank7296

just get a person as male as frnd with you,
start spending time
bring him infront of them 2-3 times
automatically they will leav you or if there your good frnd will accept you better by knowing that you are straight.

Janmesh @janmesh

Do one thing ask them to have some house rules that the group will spend this time of the day together no matter what! Apart form it you make other new friends and spend time with them! This will make you spend time with your roomies and also get new friends 😃

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