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I’m feeling too weird. I love my girlfriend. Hell helllll a lottt. Like really i plan to be with her . But because we are in a long distance relationship. Sometimes when i feel too much grief because she isn’t here with me. My coping mechanism maybe work like it that my emotions about her get buried i feel disconnected to her. Also because we talk very little. My mind is so weird.
I cheated on her when another girl gave attention to me because I’m not used to that. It’s not like i did it for fun. I caught feelings for her a bit. Idk why. I haven’t told her about that because i don’t want my relationship to fall . I just told my girl that i liked another girl a lil and i kissed her.
Now after months. I still love her a lot. Maybe more by each passing day. But I’m sexting with another girl. I never send her any picture of mine. She knows I’m committed and we are doing it for fun. But whyyyyy. Why am i like this. Why i have no self control. It doesn’t happen that often but if i feel comfortable with some girl and feel like they are really sad i try to make them happy and then they gave me attention and unknowingly i just fall for that.
My girlfriend is my bestfriend too. I don’t like hiding from her. But it’s hard. I can’t stop myself. Somebody please just curse at me. Yell at me. Tell me how wrong i am. Sometimes in order to punish Myself I don’t even eat properly for days. But I’m so weak.
I’m not poly because i want to spend my whole life with just her when she was with me I didn’t even look at another girl. But now I’m being such a jerk just somebody please say some mean things to me


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You’re a jerk. For boys like you, we girls have trust issues


I’m at wrong i know that


Anything else please?

bruh i did the same…it won’t pass until you tell her and discuss…at the same time she won’t be a ble to trust you again, might leave you for that, hurting won’t help…try to begin with a new start, you are guilty bro!!! try to make things work on a serious note, long distance relations are a pain in the ass to be honest, but make things work coz she is worth every effort.


I don’t want to say you mean things but if you are not ready for a long distance then you shouldn’t go for it!! See I don’t have any experience of all these but if you feel that you’re wrong you gotta admit not here in front of your girl. Either she will forgive you and move forward with you or break up with you. As in any relationship it’s not the loving part the important it’s important how long you can keep up. You realize you’re wrong that’s enough for you!! Good luck!!