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I’m feeling so scared right now.My family is falling apart and I don’t know what to do

Post anonymously?

Hey. Don’t worry you got this. I’m here for you. Whatever you wanna talk about, you’re not alone!!


Dnt be scared…
Dnt take stress
Just try ur level best…
Just pray with all your heart n soul
More power,strength n light to you
God bless you.
May your family get saved…


hey, my mom and dad got separated when i was very young, I know how it feels and from my personal experience all I can tell you is that it wont be easy and you cant really do much about it. Sometimes as children we feel we can hold everyone together you know? but it may not always work one thing I cans surely say is that at the end everything will turn out to be okay! Stay strong and please feel free to write down what you are feeling ?Take care friend.