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I’m feeling so empty, drained. I don’t know if it’s in my head anymore or if it’s true. It feels like everything I do is annoying or weird and that everyone dislikes me, except my friend tho but everyone else.

I’m maybe a lot sometimes but verifying is a lot for me. Every little sound in class, on pencil tap and my focus is long gone. It could be in the middle of an lecture and I realised that for 20 minutes of listening I haven’t got anything inside my head and I don’t have a clue what she said or Evan what the topic is.

So because of that I get behind in school, I have good grades and I’m smart but I always have to stay with the teacher after and have the lesson summariesed, if someone is explaning something to me I don’t get a word Evan if it’s like “do you want to go to get coffee later”, I look at them like I’m solving x+67 or something then I can take it in and it had processed in my head. I’m like really slow. And my teachers have ofc noticed it years ago and talks about it with me daily, but they don’t help me? Like what. And they think I’m to impulsive and always “defend” myself and gets angry easily but like that’s noyb!

So idk what I want to say about this but I have a question, am I crazy? Or do somone relate?!? And if so, help!!! I cant stand it anymore.

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