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I’m feeling bad for myself. Today, I have a little problem.
So, the story is like this:

First, I have 6-years-old little brother. He always do the stupid things and when he in trouble, he put fault on me. So, I always being scolded by my family especially my mom, grandma, my brother and my sister. My father never scold at me, but, TODAY, he scold at me just because my brother put the fault at me. I can’t stand at this anymore so I cry. I cry and I feel that I need to kill myself. No one love me. I hate myself. I hate my family. Especially my stupid grandma. She is so psycho,toxic, and I hate her.
Now, I don’t know where to go because I don’t have my own room to locked my own self there. I don’t have my own phone. I just have laptop to communicate with all people.
Someone please help me to face this…

Post anonymously?

OK, do not hurt yourself. You deserve so much better than that. You deserve a happy life. So push through it, OK? I’m here if you need me. Also, try taking up boxing, it’ll help with the anger, helps me and my sister at least! Or write a diary, i’d be dead by now if I didn’t have my diary. Write in code if you feel the need :)


Thank you so much for your advice…I feel a little bit better after telling to people here


Well your story is just like me you are totally same as me coz I also have a stupid grandma who taunts me for everything and my brother also puts his fault on me and every one scolds me and I also feel like I should kill myself and that’s why I also cry so much and maybe we should talk to each other about our problems and I would love to talk to the person whose exactly like me and having the same problems.
Well I’m Zaara, I’m 15 years old please contact me please


Ik this is sorta late but why does everything you say sound like my life… I mean yea that happens to me too. But I try pushing it away by talking to other ppl that makes me smile. Also makes me forget my problems. Heads up I don’t talk to ppl that are legit close to me. It would be low-key kinda awkward to, try speaking to someone anomously.