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I’m feeling a bit meh at the moment, I just feel depressed for no reason and the thing is I have a girlfriend and uh I just feel like at the moment I’m going through too much a hard time to be able to commit to being in a relationship so what do I tell her!!!

Post anonymously?

Do you love her


Very much but I just feel so confused with who I am and idk what to do

Talk with your partner… Tell your worries… Solve your confusion… Be together… If there’s love… There is nothing to be afraid… Talk with an open mind and heart with your better half… And you’ll realise the solution to your problem… 💗🤗

I meant partner not parents… Ya not everyone has the luck to have understanding parents but that doesn’t make them any less of a parent… ☺


be clear with her. it’s hard to admit but you should for her sake.


Thank you, I think that’s probably what I needed to hear.


COMMUNICATIN. You need to talk to her, tell her how you are feeling, figure it out together. I’m positive you will feel much better when you share this with her. Also you mentioned being confused as to who you are, in what regards are you concerned?