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I’m brought to life with no choice of my own. Everything should be according to their decisions, what I eat, what I wear and even how I live my life if I disobey and disagree, punishments are awaiting along with the painful words about how stupid and disappointment I am.

Post anonymously?

I think you should open up to your family about how you’re only human and you make mistakes you’re not perfect. tell them the qoute “You learn from your mistakes” I think opening up to them would over all really help
Just sit down and talk to them calmly about it
Have a nice day!


I tried that but no matter how much I explain they only want to hear what they want to hear. Every time I try talking or complaining they’ll answer me “It’s for your best.” and it always been like that.


My advice? Run. Run and do not look back until you are safe and strong enough to confront their control.


I wish could run as easy as that.

Maybe stay with a friend?


I don’t have one that I can rely on.

A hostel? Are you old enough for a job maybe?