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I’m bisexual. I never really knew I was until last year when I decided to go out with a girl. My parents are super religious and homophobic dk I can’t tell them. I only told a few of my friends and I can even tell my siblings because I’m afraid they’ll tell my parents. I always try to tell myself that I don’t like girls and it’s just that some men can be shitty. But I can’t help it ya know? I am who I am.

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I think u should go with the flow and not stress much about it… Who knows u really are bi or who knows it is a phase. Either way enjoy while u still can 😉

quantricon @quantricon

Hey…i can understand wht you’re going through…m 17 n my family is also really religious n they will not accept me if i told thm about me… yesterday my dad said tht “bht hogya ab ldhkiyo jaise rho” its hard to deal with…if u want u can talk to me…maybe you’ll feel better

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