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I’m a teen mom, I’m 19 with a 8month old, his dad isn’t living with us, he cheated on me when I was pregnant and I found out after we had our kid and eventually he ended up living with her and stuff but he would lie to both of us and go back and forth between us, until recently they officially broke it off … me and him have been on and off since I was 15 … we are trying to make it work now, I know its stupid for me to even say this but I have never loved any one the way I loved him . And it’s so hard for me to tell him no. I can start of by telling him no at first but eventually I cave in to his sweet words and shit. But we still don’t live together … I can’t seem to get over the cheating . I feel sad every night, and I cry a little more than I should but only after my kid goes to sleep, I don’t have any one to talk to because well, I am a proud person and I want to be a good mother for my child so I don’t want to break down without people looking at me crazy so I do it after a long night when everyone is asleep and I can’t sleep until 4 am .
I want to seek for help tho bc things get dark inside my head for me . And I had post part un depression after I had my kid but I never seemed for help I got over it bc I needed to be strong for my kid after I left his dad . But I can’t help but feel so sad and empty .

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Heyyy first of all after Reading this i am really proud of how strong you are. You’re such an amazing person. You’re too young you have chance you have time. So the relationship with your husband you don’t wanna end and i can understand sometimes you maybe want him because of your children. Just lemme tell you one thing just have a try once more time first of all don’t be untidy person now you have to take care of yourself like start wearing nice clothes put a beautiful makeup and a pleasant perfume everyday wake up early do some exercise read books make your physical and mental health your first priority, also clean up your children so nicely start smiling no man love untidy and unscheduled wife. Start reading books make friends take care of your house make an environment that your husband never wanted to go out. Love him more don’t argue alot just start talking with kind and sweets words cook delicious food for him everyday make some candlelight dinner or surprises. Don’t be satiate with less. Just do these things for 3 to 6 months but don’t give up in the beginning it might be hard but by time everything will be okay.


Thank you for taking your time to read and write back ❤️


You’re doing such an amazing job at raising a child. So kudos to you for that! You are trying your best and that’s what matters. ❤️
Firstly, you’re not crazy for breaking down and crying. It just makes you human. You were hurt by his actions and it’s perfectly alright to cry. But trust me, you deserve so much better than a guy who isn’t loyal. You’re a good person and you deserve nothing but the best, not a man who keeps going back and forth between partners and doesn’t possess the quality of commitment and loyalty.

And, along with your child, you matter too! Your emotions, your health, everything is just as important. You deserve love, care and support as well. You’re not being a bad mother by seeking help. You deserve to heal and attain happiness! Praying for you ❤️ I hope everything gets better!
If you want to talk, let me know. Would love to help in anyway possible.


Thank you, I really needed this ❤️




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