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I’m a second year medical student and I don’t study enough. I study for like hardly 2 hours in an entire day which probably not accurate for a med student but my score has been very good last semester I just can’t focus I don’t know why… some of you will find this really funny but I watch stupid med dramas and then cry when my life will be like this. Lol. Its like I feed my addiction towards social media and Netflix and prime video and every other possible distractions normal medical student try to avoid . Sometimes I feel like I know what I should be doing but I don’t doIT cause I don’t know why Sometimes I feel like I don’t study because I think that I’m not smart enough to understand all things even though I am very capable of doing everything I want to do but it happens,. I have wonderful support system great family, my best friends think that I’m the most calm and responsible person but I know I’m not. My boyfriend is more than my support system he knows what happens around me ,he knows everything about me he literally knows about my every emotion. Thinkin all these things make me sad I just end up ignoring everything and then I feed my addiction. I cry atlest once a week thinking why I’m not grateful enough, why I’m not studying enough like I know I want to go to places but I just end up daydreaming about it Thinking that everything will come to me without even doing anything.

Post anonymously?

So you pretty well know your problems and your solution to it. And, you definitely know the answer to your problem. When are you going to start? Today, tomorrow, day after that, or never?
You should answer when you read this. If not, nothing can come to you and you will cry on D-Day. Get up, start working then wondering. It happens for a day, two days even three days but not for a lifetime.
It shouldn’t be the number of hours but the quality of study and you should be satisfied with what you did and felt achivied. After this, do whatever you want to because you studied and now you can chill without any regret. If you can’t, make a schedule and force yourself to work according to that. Still not happening, stop cribbing.

Sorry for the rude words but sometimes Negative motivation works better than positive ones. I do this to myself too. 💜


Thank you sometimes negative motivation is all I need…thank you ♥️♥️



Its okay. I just completed my med school and currently i am an intern hence i am telling you this, calm down a little. Its okay… trust me… It’s just your second year… there is still plenty of time left.
As you said… you did pretty good in your first year. I’m sure you’ll rock this time too…
If there is something blocking your mind… talk it out to your friends.
You might have to push a little harder when starting out any subject but as you go on and get a hang of it, it will be much better.
Make notes, read out loud, explain it to someone… do what ever works for you.
Dont get dissappointed if you fail to achieve your one day goal. You can complete it the next day.
Have faith in yourself.
You can and you will do it.
All the best


Whoever you are i just want to tell you you made my day thank you so much ♥️


Its all good… take care of yourself… and all the best for your future 😊