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im a girl and im dating a girl. she self harms. she wants to die. i love her. i know shes made a suicide plan before and nearly done it. shes started self harming again. badly. idk how to help her. ive tried ive really tried. im scared shes going to kill herself. she keeps telling me she wont but every few hours she tells me she wants to kill herself. she gets alot of help for it. i really dont know what to do. first things first. what should i say to her to try help her with the self harm stuff because i honestly dont know what to say??

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I would say talk to her first about this when she started it why she does it even if it’s a coping mechanism there must be some trauma and I would srlsy suggest a good therapist it would change her view to life and maybe she stops but first talk to her about it and tell her she is lived and you love her
Someone once said to me
“Suicide doesn’t end the pain it gives it to someone else”


People who normally self harm is because the emotional pain is too much for them… So they balance it out with physical pain.the best advice I can give is to talk to her, just relax, maybe put a movie on (if you can’t be there) and watch it together on Netflix party etc… You need to distract her or do something to take her mind off of it.