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R Rrr @pip

I’m a bisexual 16 year old in Pakistan, this is to let everyone know the flaws of my religion and country

Pakistan has it’s gorgeous places, amazing traditions and wonderful animals, but what who don’t live here don’t see is the extreme racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and bullying

Racism, every race is disliked, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, they’re apparently rude and inconsiderate, American, they’re not Muslim enough and like animals, that makes them bad, Africans are too dark. Why? Why is that?

Homophobia, liking the same gender is punishable by death or a life sentence, they say that it’s “Haram” and go on, love your religion but please keep your words to yourself, why say things that just hurt other people? It’s unfair, rude and just… Terrible, is it really that bad to love a person? Is it so horrible that humans like other humans? No matter what body parts they have, people should love people, and I absolutely hate when Muslims post sh*t like “we respect you but we’ll stay away from you people, because it’s Haram” and no, they DO NOT respect anyone and the fact that they say “WE” like they’re speaking for every single Muslim is insane, it’s an opinion, not a fact

Transphobia, people go around saying trans people here shouldn’t be prostitutes BUT WHAT CAN THEY DO TO SURVIVE THEN? we don’t allow them to have IDs or get jobs, so what are they supposed to do other than that and beg? Just die on the streets? That’s unfair, and evil

Misogyny, oh my lord, this is crazy, women can’t speak up, can’t get certain jobs, can’t go to school in most cases and they can’t get a divorce other than when they’re being abused to the brink of death AND STILL A MAN HAS TO SAY YES, HOW IS THAT FAIR? And some ridiculous things, we can’t whistle, can’t post online without being called terrible names, can’t go outside without a man in most cases, can’t carry weapons I think even for self defense, and we can’t drink alcohol ever, and we can’t even drive

Arranged marriages, I’m 16 as I said and I had an arranged marriage with my much older cousin, thankfully that’s not happening anymore but he became my fiance as soon as I was born and I always knew that and was okay with it until I saw what other people in the world were doing, that’s when I snapped and said no, I won’t go down this path that every woman takes in my family, it’s the same boring path, marriage, clean house, cook, give birth to 20 kids and be an obedient dog, that’s what every woman here is taught, every single one, for example: my sister got married at 12 and gave birth at 15 or 16, she had a miscarriage the same year she got married, why? What is happening here?

And that’s all so much worse in Saudi Arabia

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I sent you a dm request accept it let’s talk. I want to know more about it.


Tumne apne hone wale fiance ko ye sab btaya hai ya nahi??


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