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I’m 15, but I’ve had a lot of pimples on my face since I was in junior high school. I’ve tried several skincare since then but it just got worse, plus I went to high school with the boarding system and my face was getting worse, my family’s economic situation wasn’t good either so I couldn’t do more. What should I do? I really hate myself right now, why am I not as beautiful as other people? I even looked like a monster in the mirror

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Acne are a part of growing up , leave them for around 3 more yrs after then u will have a clear face again nd everyone is beautiful in their own way because beauty is never about looks it’s all about ur inner self , ur just going through ur adolescence age so having these types of thoughts are common , have confidence in urself nd start loving urself first because if u can’t lov u in the first place then who will 🤷 . Ur going to be a beautiful girl in 3 more yrs trust me . Acne can be reduced by using antifungal treatment - mix turmeric powder with alovera nd make a face pack , do it every alternative day , don’t use any cosmetics it may worsen ur skin . Wash ur face for every 3hrs . Do this for about 3 months u will find results . ❤️❤️


Listen,don’t worry acne is totally normal.I’ll suggest something which I’ve been doing since a month and its working for me,basically you need to grind holy basil to paste with turmeric and keep it on your face for 30 mins and wash it with normal water ,but after doing this don’t go out in sun,also try to have atleast 1500-2000 ml of water daily .This will take time but it works.You are beautiful as you are.


I think i’m reading the post i would have written years ago. Why am I not so hot? why am I not as beautiful? why am I so fat? so dark and what not? And you know what, to be called more beautiful (acc to the society) i did a lot of things, joined gym, had the right food, diet etc etc. I guess I did transform, I was looking much better than before but the fact was that I still did not believe it. Now if I’m slim then why am I not toned, if I’m fair then why am I not white fair? The people around me used to compliment me for the transformation but I never really felt it. I was still that 13-year old who thought that she was good for nothing.
So one thing I have realised is that no matter how hot or beautiful you are, you’d never realise it until you start liking yourself for who you are. You have to love yourself in all shapes, in all forms, in all colours, because if you don’t love yourself, why would anyone else?

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