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Idk why people date when they don’t even fight for the thing and just give up because we can’t predict future and make commitment at a age 19

But okay don’t make hard commitment I get the point we can’t predict the future but atleast fight for it to stay

I don’t get this mean generation sometimes

Even now I hate dating thing I can’t have temporary people anymore

These temporary people come and fuck up our life and then they move on like nothing happened


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It’s easy to tell how some one is not fighting , but do u fight to be with that person ? I’ve been there too . I realised that fight is everyday and not just when things fall apart . U need to fight everyday for a relationship so strong that it doest fall apart one day .


Yes I got your point but observation can be wrong how many time 99 out 100 but there comes a point when you get the point that the person has changed and wanna get rid of you
But it’s okay whatever happens, happens for good
Also if we are made for each we will sure meet again universe is there
We don’t need to worry
We are just living our present at our best 💓


U are being artificially positive but if it helps am happy for u I can’t be so radiant


Why did that person want to get rid of u , why do they hate u so much .


True, they fuck it up so bad that it feels one is stuck, changed and most importantly lost the ability to trust.
From my personal experience I can tell one thing that with each one coming and then leaving I lost part of me, a part where I knew how to love and trust someone unconditionally.
But u know it is what it is, it made me strong and to love myself more. It took time but I am in my happy space.


Yes it took me months but I’m better now


Same and it’s good to know you are fine now.😊


Seriously bro this generation only has those on nd off relationships nd all i hate it too !!